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top home builders functional kitchensWe often refer to the kitchen as the heart of the home, and today’s top home builders are now including some wonderfully innovative kid-friendly features that were once only left to the imagination. When designing a luxury custom home, many homeowners spend so much time selecting the kitchen cabinetry, countertops and floor tiles that they sometimes forget to ask about the latest trends in family-oriented kitchen design. Here at Camelot Homes, we take great pride in keeping up-to-date on all the latest gadgetry that can make the kitchen a true focal point of any luxury home.

Kid-Friendly Kitchens

The kitchen is the most highly trafficked room of the house, especially by teenagers and small children who are always on the go. Whether they are heading out to play in the backyard or just passing through on their way to a football game, the kitchen is always the perfect stopping point to check in with Mom and Dad. Today’s top home builders are now offering a wide range of kid-friendly kitchen amenities that may surprise you.

  • Soapstone countertops are durable, stain- and fire-resistant, and even resistant to lots of tiny fingerprints. And it now comes in more colors than ever.
  • Luxury homeowners are demanding more expansive countertops, too. Today’s perfect kitchen should always provide enough counter space for kids to do homework and for parents to make sure that the homework gets done. Having lots of counter space allows multitasking parents to create a gourmet meal and answer homework questions, all at the same time.
  • Heated or refrigerated pull-out drawers are also a new trend, and they come in nearly any size imaginable, too. One idea is to place a refrigerated drawer just under the countertop next to the kitchen door, making it easier for kids to grab a healthy juice box or a handful of carrot sticks on their way out to play.
  • Pedal faucets are a unique design feature of today’s top home builders. Instead of the kiddies having to stand on a step-stool to wash their tiny hands, the faucets spring into action through the use of a convenient and easily accessible foot pedal located on the floor.

Did you know that we can even include a handy step stool that is secretly hiding away underneath the kitchen sink ? The team from Camelot Homes has lots of creative ideas to make the kitchen in your new luxury home more functional and kid-friendly.