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For owners of luxury custom homes in the Valley, perfectly blended indoor-outdoor living spaces are the epitome of luxurious living. People from all over the world move to the beautiful Sonoran Desert for its majestic, natural beauty and its splendid,  year-round sunshine.

Corner Sliding Glass Doors

When designing and building the home of their dreams, many people spend just as much attention on creating a spectacular outdoor living space as they do on the interior design, finishes, textures and furnishings. Corner sliding glass doors help homeowners connect the exterior with the interior seamlessly. This style of doors is also very energy-efficient and highly secure while offering some very interesting opportunities for innovative interior design. They also perfectly complement almost any architectural style imaginable.

many luxury custom homes have sliding glass doors

Corner doors are very innovative. They allow homeowners the ability to create the illusion that a corner of the home is constructed entirely of glass. When the doors are in the fully open position, no unsightly corner post or structural element obstructs the view. As the leading builder and designer of luxury custom homes in the region, the design team from Camelot Homes is often asked the question, “But where do the doors go?”

To many people’s surprise, the individual glass panels usually slide into a hidden pocket located within the adjacent wall structure on either side. The doors essentially disappear from view completely. The end result is a glass-wrapped corner that offers a gorgeous view of the surrounding Arizona landscape.

The Perfect Solution for Indoor-Outdoor Entertaining

Many luxury custom homes in Scottsdale and the surrounding area have beautifully manicured landscaping and wonderful outdoor living spaces with sophisticated conversation areas, infinity swimming pools and perhaps even an all-weather entertainment center. By including corner sliding glass doors as a focal point for the overall design, entertaining has never been more elegant. Now your guests are no longer separated into two distinct groups. With the corner doors open, your home essentially becomes one breathtaking living space.

At Camelot Homes, our design team is always anxious to answer any questions and to help create indoor-outdoor living spaces that truly inspire.