Why We Love What We Do

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We just got back from a conference on Homebuilding held in beautiful San Diego. Everyone was in a great mood. After all, it is a much better economic climate than in the past few years;  homes are selling and things are looking up. But that wasn’t what made us happy. What really makes us  love what we do was hearing all of these creative and talented people get together to discuss how we are going to address the changing needs and demands of future homeowners. We discussed ideas for creating homes that satisfy our need for connection and community while embracing the diversity of all modern  lifestyles.


We are in the business of creating a sense of place and belonging, where families are created, sustained and nurtured.  We love being a part of shaping our future. We loved the passion all of these people had for understanding people’s needs and wants. As an industry, we are survivors and it was good to hear that the American Dream of homeownership is as strong as ever. We heard a lot about green building, the coming millennial buyers and the needs of the aging Boomers (yes, that would be us!) The ideas are exciting and we are energized and inspired! So please watch Camelot Homes over the next few months and you will see many of these ideas come to fruition. We are proud to be home builders and are privileged and excited to make many people proud new home owners over the coming years!

Mark and Julie